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Monday, April 30, 2012

Updated Photos and Give Away

Thanks everyone for the photos that were submitted.  I just got everything updated so go check out your photos!  And just to let you know even if your photos weren't chosen keep sending them in I'm using majority of them in the finished book!

We're going to kick off the month of May with a give away!  Please leave a comment on this post of one of your cooking/baking disasters!  We all have them even if we don't like to admit to it.  Mine consisted of trying to make cinnamon rolls when I was a teenager.  I thought I killed the yeast and proceeded to try to stuff the dough down the kitchen sink.  I got most it down in there when I was called away for a moment only to come back some time later with the dough rising out of the garbage disposal.  My mom was NOT happy!

Maryn will be my little judge and I will not share the names with her just the stories and she'll pick the one that she likes the best!  May the best story win.  The winner will get my favorite bags of chocolate to try.  Contest will close May 15th!



  1. During our first year of marriage Sam told me he wanted me to make him a chocolate cake for his birthday. at 11PM the night before his big day he told me that if I started cooking asap, the cake would be done by the time the clock turned over to his birthday and we could have a midnight snack of birthday cake. So I did. But while it was in the oven he distracted me and we both fell asleep. at 5AM he woke up and smelled the burned cake. He turned off the oven and came back to bed. Then I woke up and took the cake out of the oven and put it on the front porch to let the apartment air out. The smell was so strong we couldn't get back to bed so we went for a walk. After it cooled I dumped the charcoaled cake in the bushes near our apartment unit. When we moved out 2 years latter I was sweeping the entry way and saw the same charcoaled remains of the cake that never decomposed. I wonder if they are still there today :)

  2. Here's one from work last year. It happened on a day when the manager was out sick. We emptied the dish soap (Joy) and I thoughtlessly told Yuko to run the container through the dishwasher. Well, in the middle of lunch when we had a line of kids half a mile long, the janitor came in to tell me that the drain was backed up. What had happened was the soap from the container had foamed up and was flooding the room the drain was in. Yep, bubbles everywhere! A huge mess to clean up.

    Here's a quick one for Maryn. I was trying a new recipe one night and the family called it "Barf"...because it looked like barf. I never made that one again although the family said it tasted good.

  3. I always have trouble with doubling and tripling recipes-which I do all the time with my family! I had a ton of apples and thought I could make some apple crisp. Everything looked good as I put it in the oven, but when I took it out it was so full of liquid. I thought, "those were some juicy apples!" Then we tasted it and figured out it was swimming in butter! I had in my head 1 stick of butter which would have doubled it, but when I went to the fridge I doubled the 1 stick to 2 sticks. Of course my kids and hubby ate it anyway, but I just couldn't stomach all that butter!

  4. I have never been the best cook. ever. When Ryan and I first got married I remember one night - like 2 days after our wedding - I wanted to make him dinner. A friend had told me about this easy peasy recipe that anyone could make. I knew that was the meal for me - Taco Ring. Basically you get crescent rolls, fold them out into triangles, put on a pan in a circular shape - all the points facing outward. Then you get ground beef, place them in the middle area in a ring shape, and then fold the crescent rolls over it. It'll look like a pretty wreath. When it's done you take it out and pile the middle of the wreath with lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

    Well...I did the whole crescent thing...then put the meat in - RAW. Ryan came in and said, "don't you need to cook the meat first?" I said, "no, my friend didn't say it had to be cooked. She said you just plop it in the oven." "ok", he said, not believing what I said but trying to be nice and let me do what I needed to do.

    Needless to say he was right. The crescent rolls cooked up just fine...but the meat was still pretty much raw. Yuck!

    Good thing I had extra ingredients and made the whole thing again...but browned the meat first. :)

  5. since my cooking disasters are pretty lame, i decided to share one of drew's disasters. i told him one night how nice it would be if when i came back from visit teaching the apartment smelled like brownies. so he got a box of brownies and proceded to make them. when i came home my apartment did not smell like brownies and drew was still in the kitchen mixing them, there was mix all over the stove top. i asked drew why it was taking him so long to make them and he said he was trying to get all the lumps out, i looked at the box and the mix he chose contained nuts, so the lumps he was trying to get out were walnuts. he hasn't attempted brownie making since.