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Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to "The Recipe Project"

Here is the long awaited recipe project blog.  Okay, so maybe you weren't waiting but I've been working hard to get this thing going and hammering out the details on what I would like to accomplish with this.  Like the banner says this is not your typical recipe blog.  My vision for this blog is to attain pictures for all my loose recipes and organize them into a fancy shmancy cookbook.  I'm not selling is just for my enjoyment.   In return you can take any of the recipes from this site.   It's my crafter side in me coming out.  So here's the breakdown.

1.  I'll will try to post 2-3 recipes a week.  But, eh, if I don't make it don't call the blogger police on me.

2.  This will be a contest.  If there is no picture above the recipe that means we have not chosen a winner yet.  You can submit one picture per recipe.  I will leave it up lets say roughly a month or unless I've received 5 or more pics.  Which ever comes first.  Then our judges(Maryn, Macey, Matt) will choose their favorite picture.  I am no respector of persons so if you're pic gets chosen AWESOME.  I will give you credit for your pic.  If not please don't hold any grudges against the judges or me...this is all in the name of fun!  So, bottom line, if there is a pic above the recipe that means the voting has been completed for that recipe.  You can still have access to the recipe though.

3.  If you made the recipe be sure to put your input for others to see in the comments section.  I will give as much help as I can for what I do but make the recipe your own.

4.  All recipes will be catergorized and accessible on the side bar.  I will constantly be trying to make improvements.  When you send your pic in to the address below be sure to put the recipe name in the subject heading.

5.  I will try to give the origin, website link or any other information as to where I collected the recipe.

6.  Last but not creative.  I love creativity and will be looking for it in the pics.

Send all pics to

Happy cooking to all!!!


  1. I am SO excited for this. YEAH, bring it on. It would be nice to get some store lists of a few recipes so we could make a few at a time. :) Let's Cook!!

  2. Love this idea! I want to see the recipes that represent the photos at the top of your blog! They look heavenly...