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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Recipe Book

I got the most wonderful gift for Christmas to say thank you for all the time I had put into for the Christmas Program.  And it is nothing short of just amazing.  I received the most awesome recipe book.

It's called Our Best Bites by Sara Wells and Kate Jones.  Maybe I like them so much because one of them has connections to the Seattle area and Boise.  Anyway, if you click on the title of the recipe book it will go to their blog.   One of the problem with recipe books usually there are only a handful of recipes that I even want to try and the rest are not worth my time.  This book is different you will want to try all of them.  The photos are fantastic and the collection of recipes are definitely a staple in any cooking crazy kind of ladies home.  I've only had the book for a few weeks and have managed to get through a good amount of recipes.  I know I'm little obsessed.

Check them out you won't be disappointed.  Also, for this week I'm going to try to hit the side dishes and appetizers hard.  Mmmm....comfort food!

Still no pics from anyone.  I will hold out hope though!  Don't forget to send the pics to

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